Minneapolis – St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorney

Take a look at the caption of your summons or complaint. It reads, “State of Minnesota v. [insert your name here].” As you see, the American criminal justice system is adversarial in nature—the government versus you. This is inherently unfair. The government possesses and uses a variety of resources in furtherance of proving you guilty of a crime. These resources include prosecutors, investigators, peace officers, and taxpayer money. This is unfair, as you don’t have access to the same resources. I want to help level the playing field by fighting aggressively and ethically to preserve your rights. When the government charges you with a crime, it accuses you of breaking a law. My job is twofold: 1) to ensure the government follows its own laws when it tries to meet its burden to prove you guilty; and 2) to assert every possible defense afforded to you by law. The system works best when the defense attorney works zealously to ensure the courts and prosecutors play by the rules.

As a criminal defense attorney, I defend my clients zealously and effectively. I use my understanding of the legal landscape to assert my clients’ constitutional rights both inside and outside the courtroom. My experience with the criminal justice system began with the 10th Judicial District Public Defender’s Office where I represented over 1,000 clients. I continued my career as a criminal defense attorney by working privately at a mid-sized firm in Anoka. I formed Repka Law, LLC in Saint Paul with the vision of using my legal knowledge, skills, and experience without the overhead costs of mid- to large-sized firms. This means you get big firm results for solo practitioner prices. Don’t take a chance with your defense. Hire the right defense attorney who understands the system and isn’t afraid to fight for your rights.

Minneapolis – St. Paul Criminal Defense Attorney

When the government charges you with a crime, the cards are immediately stacked against you. It’s as though you’ve begun playing a game where only one of you knows the rules. The system is inherently unfair from the start. My job as a criminal defense attorney is to level the playing field. Not only will I help you navigate the criminal justice system procedurally, but I will make sure the government is following the rules, as well.

At Repka Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on three main areas: 1) having an upstanding reputation in the legal community; 2) communicating with our clients; and 3) being honest with our clients from the initial consultation to the conclusion of the case.

Earning respect in the legal community means using all of the tools available to attorneys to achieve our clients’ goals. This means having a handle of the laws in the states in which we practice, knowing the rules of court, using the rules to our advantage, and not shying away from trial.

Your goals are my goals. In order to be effective, my clients need to be open with me. The sensitivity of the subject matters before me mean that honesty and openness must be earned, and the best way to earn my clients’ trust is to be honest in return.

It is ultimately up to the judge or the jury to determine the outcome of each case. It is my job to provide the best possible representation for my clients, identify the good facts and bad facts of each case, and determine how best to use those facts. When working with Repka Law, LLC, zealous advocacy is always guaranteed.

I began working in criminal defense as a private attorney in Minnesota and recently expanded my practice into Wisconsin. I practice in criminal defense to ensure my clients aren’t taken advantage of. I am here to fight for you.

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