Repka Law secured the dismissal of domestic assault charges last Thursday in Anoka County.

The State charged my client with domestic assault in early September for an incident that occurred with her boyfriend. Specifically, the client and her boyfriend started arguing. The argument escalated when the client feared for her safety and acted in self-defense. The boyfriend called the police, and the officers arrested the client and her boyfriend for domestic assault.

At the pre-trial in October, the State wanted my client to plead guilty to domestic assault in exchange for no jail time. This offer was unacceptable. A person who acts in self-defense should not plead guilty to assault. I encouraged my client to take the case to a jury trial. On the day of trial, the State dismissed the domestic assault charge. As a result of our strategy, my client avoided both a domestic assault conviction AND jail time.

This case exemplifies why it is imperative to hire a criminal defense attorney. Not only did we assert my client’s constitutional rights by demanding a trial, but we also protected her liberty and preserved her clean criminal record by refusing the State’s plea bargain.