We all know that it’s wrong, but what really happens when a cop pulls you over for it? What are your rights?

Composing, sending, reading text messages or email, or even using the web on a mobile device while operating a car is considered texting and driving. If a cop in Minnesota pulls you over for this, the fine for a first violation is $25. The second or subsequent violation will cost $225.

However, some of your rights include using your phone for a phone call or in hands-free mode. You are also allowed to use cellular devices to obtain emergency assistance or report traffic accidents and traffic hazards. Lastly, if you are trying to prevent a crime from being committed, use of mobile devices is legal. Those under the age of 18 have to be more careful. It is illegal for drivers under this age to use cell phones at any time. All drivers must be cautious because cops can pull you over for texting even if you are at a stop light. Additionally, if you have a device that is permanently affixed to your car, such as a GPS, you cannot be charged for using it. To learn more information on Minnesota Statutes, visit

The only proof of texting and driving is what the officer thinks he or she saw visually. Violations of texting and driving carry five points on a driver’s license. Because of these reasons, many people will try to fight their tickets in court. If you are in need of a lawyer, contact Repka Law at 651-395-7421 or info@repkalawllc.com for help.